Detailed Scope of Work:
Department of Industrial Promotion

  1. Promoting industrial use of HPCI system
    1. (1)Consulting services for general high-performance computing (HPC)
      • -Users newly joining in HPC world
      • -Problems unique to userfs numerical simulation
    2. (2)Consulting services for HPCI users or prospective users
      • -To suggest ideal HPCI computers for your proposal
      • -To support procedures for submitting your application and post-award process
      • -To discuss your problem-solving in HPCI system: building your application software on HPCI system, huge data handling, estimation of execution time, etc.

For the details on the overview of HPCI industrial use, usage cases and supports, please refer to the following URL: [ Brochure for industrial use (in Japanese) PDF ]

  1. Supports for porting and tuning of application software for industrial use
    1. (1)Provision of information at HPCI portal web site:
      • -Introduction of ready-to-use application software on HPCI system
      • -Information of building widely-used application software including OSS and commercial application software
      • -Tips for application software on HPCI system
    2. (2)Support for performance analysis and for improving scalability of application software.

Please see below for more details.

  1. Support for data preprocessing and result data handling
    Support for data preprocessing in large-scale computation, for visualization of simulation results, for large data downloading from HPCI system

  2. Workshops and Seminars
    For industrial users, workshops and seminars on application software of CAE and materials science are held.
    We also give advice for using HPCI system to prospective in those events.

  3. HPCI Access Point Tokyo (AP Tokyo)
    We run AP Tokyo at the RIST Tokyo office, Hamamatsu-cho, Minato-ku, Tokyo.
  1. (1)AP Tokyo has two individual rooms with a security door, and with computers to connect the HPCI system.
  2. (2)We provide technical consulting services using HPCI system.
  3. (3)Computers at AP Tokyo are directory connected to SINET5 with 10Gbps. Therefore, HPCI users can download large volume data from the HPCI system at high speed. Rental service of potable HDDs is also available.
  4. (4)Various application software are available for pre-post process and they are ready to use. User support for visualization is also available.

For details, please refer to the following URL.
  http://tokyo.rist.jp/ap-tokyo/ (in Japanese)