Detailed Scope of Work:
Department of HPC Support

We conduct the following support activities for users of the HPCI system in close cooperation with RIKEN R-CCS and Post-K Priority Issues, and so on.

  1. User consultation for application software used on the HPCI system

    We respond to various inquiries and requests from HPCI users regarding the use of application software; development environment and execution environment, job performance and improvement of job performance, general inquiries and requests on the use of application software, and so on.
  2. Support on Conversion and Tuning of application software used on the HPCI system
    1. (1)Support on analysis and improvement of serial and parallel performance, as well as communication and I/O performance through code investigation using performance tools
    2. (2)Support on program tuning from the viewpoint of scientific and engineering researchers
    3. (3)Improvement of the usage environment of application software in an attempt to enhance convenience of users
    4. (4)Provisioning of information on user support activities focused on high-level technical supports

    For past instances, please refer to the WEB page with the URL below.

  3. Training, seminars and workshops to promote the use of the HPCI system
    1. (1)HPC programming seminar (tuning and parallelization techniques by MPI and OpenMP, many cores, accelerator)
    2. (2)Workshop to promote commonly-used OSS
    3. (3)Workshop to enhance the efficiency of utilization of the HPCI system

    For past achievements, please refer to the WEB page with the URL below. (in Japanese)

  4. Activities to promote understanding of the computational science
    1. (1)Exhibitions like a museum to explain the computer evolution in a plain manner
    2. (2)Outreach activities for development of human resources that will play important roles for the computational science in the future